Cooking is the simplest way of saying I love you
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Welcome to Urban Peasant 2.0

Welcome to the new Urban Peasant website. In honour of James Barber, Canada's most beloved TV chef, we've relaunched the website with his cooking tips, stories, and recipes. Over the coming months we'll be posting episodes of The Urban Peasant - optimized for web and mobile. Our intentions for this site mirror how James described his first website:

Cooking ought to be fun, and it ought to be easy, and it ought to be something we can all do together, and enjoy, together.

I hope my web site convinces you that love is the most important ingredient in the kitchen. (And a little bit of care, a little bit of pride and a little bit of self-confidence.) I'd like to know that a lot of Moms got breakfast in bed. I'd like a lot of guys to discover how easy it is to make dinner, and a lot of students to find out they can get through university without their mothers or Chinese take-out.

Most of all, I'd like to know that a lot of people are going to have fun with this web site. The recipes don't contain any fancy ingredients--you can find them in most corner stores--and you certainly don't need a degree from any fancy cooking "academy".

"So stop worrying. Cooking is easy. Dead easy."

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