The Elements of a Religious Funeral Program

Remember that there are several different types of funeral programs although the most common of all is the religious funeral program, a program that is used for a Christian, Methodist or Anglican order of service. Sometimes, the program is called the memorial program, funeral memorial pamphlet, obituary program, funeral bulletin, and several other names. But regardless of how you call it, it’s important to know that these programs, which also serve as memorial service invitation cards, must be prepared several days before the religious funeral service will take place. This is especially true for those who are having the funeral in Los Angeles and guests are coming from all over the world from as far as London.

Talk to the Officiating Minister

Remember that the religious funeral mass program will greatly vary depending on the religion. Therefore, you must first meet up with the church minister or whoever is in charge of the funeral service to discuss the things that must be included on the program. For a Christian funeral service, this often starts with prelude music or an entrance song. This will then be followed by the scripture reading and then a homily by the minister will soon follow. After that, a eulogy from selected guests will follow and some guests may choose to dedicate a song or a poem to the deceased.

Refer to the Free Templates Online

If you are not sure how to begin creating the funeral memorial programs, you better go online and search for free Christian funeral service templates. These are pre made religious funeral programs that you simply need to edit and add some texts as well as photos of the deceased. With these funeral programs templates, you will not have to worry about what to write or what to include on the printable memorial service invitation cards that you will send to attending guests.

There are lots of websites that offer these templates now and what’s great is that most of them offer a free memorial program template as a trial offer. The template is so easy to use since most of them are available in the Microsoft Word format.

Important Elements to Be Included on the Program

Depending on the religion, there may be some important elements that must be included on the funeral mass program and this is why it is absolutely necessary that you speak to the minister of the church before you start creating the program or the funeral pamphlets. But usually, the cover page of the religious funeral program would have the complete name of the deceased and right below it is a scripture from the Bible that is in relation to death.

The front page also has the name of the church where the service will take place, as well as the name of the officiating minister.  A picture of the deceased might also be attached on the cover of the printable memorial service invitation cards although this is not really necessary. Religious images might also be added, such as the symbol of the cross, an image of Christ, cherubs, etc.

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