Creating a Funeral Program Template for a Funeral Order of Service

Creating a funeral program template can be tough when you are coping up with the death of a loved one. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most traumatic experiences that any person will have to go through. While you and everyone in the family are trying to deal with grief, you have to also think of the funeral service preparation.

To help lessen your burden, there are websites that will help you create a printable funeral program template for a funeral order of service. Funeral Pamphlets is a reliable provider and have been around for years, so be sure to give them a try.

Funeral Order of Service

The order of service lists down the various stages of the service and serves as a guide for attending guests.  The usual size of the order of service program is A5 and is printed in a special type of paper that is often cream or white colored. Sometimes, the order of service is printed in a white folded card and then it’s placed in an envelope to be distributed to attending guests as a celebration of life keepsake that may also serve as a memorial program template.

create a funeral program template

Front Cover

Right on the front cover of the funeral program, the name of the deceased and his or her photo will be printed. Along with that is the birth date of the deceased, the date of death, as well as the date and time of the funeral service. It will also include the name of the location of the funeral, such as the name of the church or crematorium. It will also include the complete address of the church or the crematorium.

For others who do not want to feature a photo of the deceased in the front, a simple black cross would be a good option. This is also a great idea for those who will opt for a religious funeral.

Inside Content

On the inside content of the template, the title of hymns or music that will be sung during the funeral will be listed. Sometimes, it will include the name of the composer or singer of the song. Aside from the songs, bible reading will also be listed on the inside content. The names of those who are tasked to read the bible will also be included along with the text and the title of the readings.

It is also advisable to include the full text of the songs and prayers in the funeral order of service. A poem or saying can also be included on this page, either within the front cover or right inside the back cover. This is not to be read out but it will serve as some sort of a memorial in honor of the deceased.

The Obituary Template

You will also find the obituary template for the service inside of the template.  You may easily insert the deceased loved one’s photo as well as the most notable information about their lives.Visit and check out their templates.

The Order of Service Template

It is also a good idea to include the name of the minister and to credit the choir, musician and organist. There are also others who will choose to include details of the reception right after the funeral. Sometimes, the information of the charity where the donations are to be coursed through will be included on the order of service.

Make sure that you carefully check the template before you get it printed. Ensure that everything is spelled well, most especially the people’s names. You can also refer online to download a funeral program template.

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